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And indeed Dalimunthe did all of those things, in roughly that order. Then she lived, mostly happily, for another 53 years, having forgotten entirely about emergent metabrane structures. Good for her.

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Ten years after that Mainz picked up their Nobel Prize in physics, following the Fields-Lee medal in mathematics they had picked up the year before. A year after that, while attending symposium on the rapidly growing field of metabrane research, Mainz stepped off the curb to take a picture of the newly refurbished Empire State Building and walked backward into a bus, killing them instantly. The Dalimunthe rocketed at sixty thousand kilometers an hour toward a spot described only by math, of unknown size and dimension, reached it, and disappeared.

Humanity had proven the existence of metabrane structures by blindly chucking a spacecraft into one to see what would happen. Someone in the Dalimunthe mission control noted that humans had effectively littered outside the bounds of the universe.

Someone else dumped their champagne on his head. Where that litter went was the topic of intense discussion among metabrane scientists for the next thirty years, with the field schisming into two camps, the ones who theorized there was a there there, and the ones who theorized there was no there there.

Everyone agreed this was an intriguing idea. Now all they needed to do was figure out how to create and maintain a bubble of local space time.

Which only took 58 years. While the scientists were working away on the Bubble Problem, commercial spaceflight, exploration and habitation took off in a significant way. The good news was that the emergency reorient protocol worked; the Vasquez found the sun, deduced where the science station would be, and the data streamed in strong and uncorrupted.

Wooly Mammoth Dusty MindGland Supersymmetry Dwarf Spheroidal Galactic Data

The bad news was the data was useless; whatever was in the Mainz Rift was not observable by any of the instruments the Vasquez carried with it. The fact that the signal was coming from AD Leonis was weird in itself; what was even weirder was the fact that the signal was received just a little over sixteen years after the Vasquez had disappeared.

The signal in itself had taken sixteen years to reach Earth, coursing across the heavens at the speed of light. Search for: Close. Which it did, sixteen years and a couple of months later.

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To do that, it would have had to have traveled about ninety times the speed of light. Which is just not done.

Haumea & Makemake

Increasing demands by Kavarian corporations that the government deal with the threat of Terran violations and technology theft led to a continued escalation of the conflict. Failure of the once again under strength Kavarian Expeditionary Force sparked debate over the capability of the Imperium's military. A third expedition under proper military jurisdiction nearly broke the UN Space Forces and occupied parts of Earth and Mars before being repulsed.

The bloody outcome of the Battle of Sol combined with other events caused a constitutional crisis in the Kavarian Imperium. This would eventually lead to cease fire and treaty negotiations between the Human and Kavarian governments. The final treaty also effectively ended the unlimited patent system in Kavarian space. Sign In Don't have an account?