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  1. Draw yourself a leader
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  3. You Call Yourself a Leader? Here’s What a Follower Thinks
  4. Leadership Trait #2: The Ability to Influence and Inspire
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Kindness is the first thing. We also get confused that being a leader means I just take action.

Draw yourself a leader

You can take lots of action and be nowhere near the statue of being a leader. Another thing that a leader looks like, another thing that a leader is, is they are a visionary. A leader looks to the future. A leader looks to pave the way for not only themselves, but for others to follow. But a leader, a really true leader is actually paving the way for other people to follow. What else makes up a leader?

Well, a leader is selfless. A leader is not looking to advance themselves, they are looking to help everyone succeed. A leader will actually step to the side to actually allow someone else to step into their potential. If you are looking for your own success, for your own ambition, then that is amazing.

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What else does a leader do? Everything you write here is good — but still, in our society and even within our Church, we seem to be respecters of persons. Imagine if a man is called one Sunday to be a bishop — think of all the people his mother calls to tell the story — and the next Sunday, his brother in another ward is called to be the eleven-year-old Boy Scout leader — whom does his mother call to tell the story?


Great thoughts. I've been thinking about this lately and this gives me a lot of answers. Thanks, A. Very good points. Definitely not one of my finer moments.

You Call Yourself a Leader? Here’s What a Follower Thinks

Called or not, it is always our job to love and serve. Your email address will not be published.

Your Sleeping Position Says All the Truth About You

Don't subscribe All Replies to my comments Notify me of followup comments via e-mail. You can also subscribe without commenting. A CEO is more important than a general manager of a business unit; that general manager is more important than the director of sale; and so on. We and those who are close to us can access common social amenities, but the best the poor man can do is to pray to God.

Leadership Trait #2: The Ability to Influence and Inspire

This is not leadership! When slaves gather to a leader, they are going to become warriors. A leader does not turn people to slaves, but a leader changes them from being slaves to sleek-men.

What is happening in Nigeria today? We deliberately keep people poor, so that we can continue to use them to advance our selfish agendas. We make sons to become slaves. And we make legitimate citizens to become slaves in their own fatherland. This is not leadership. A leader gives you opportunities; he or she will not take them from you.

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A leader opens doors for you, he will not close them. Taking this issue a little further, a leader turns worthless men to territorial holders. Does this happen overnight? But it does happen overtime.

If your life does not begin to change after you have been faithfully following a leader for years? You may need to move on with your life. Many years ago, a very promising man came to me for counseling.

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The Heart of Leadership

He was at a crossroad and did not know what to do anymore. He began to follow a leader about five years before he came to me for counseling. It will be improper to divulge everything that transpired between the man and his former leader, but all I can say is that the man moved from being a man of high-value to being a worthless man!

Value was completely taken away from him! I did counsel him on what to do.