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If you have a book in you it will come out, one way or another. Author Bio: Nils Andersson was born in in a small town in Sweden. He grew up, as people tend to do, formed a range of opinions about this, that and the other, and eventually went to Uppsala University to study physics.

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Unable to contemplate a real job, he left his homeland after finishing his PhD in Having roamed the world for a few years, he settled in the United Kingdom where he now works as a professor of Mathematics not a real job! He has always loved books, in all shapes and sizes, and probably reads a bit too much for his own good. Most of the stuff he writes can be found in science journals, and tends to be awfully technical perhaps boring on things like dead stars, black holes and waves of gravity.

Maybe one day he will find out….

Grazie per la vostra fiducia.

Nils is convinced that he used to be able to fly when he was little. He has a very clear memory of what it feels like to float up in the air and do somersaults and stuff. Naturally, the inevitable happens when the professor pokes Walter's stomach. Professor Kompressor staggered backward, waving his gas meter.


That's the highest I've ever recorded. What a remarkable animal.

Saving the planet, one invention at a time.

Walter was pleased to be called remarkable. He licked Professor Kompressor's hand. The good professor claims he will be able to help Walter with his disorder and leaves the family with a special formula to be mixed in his gleaming Kompressatron machine.

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Soon, Father starts to mix the ingredients, and to everyone's joy, Walter's emissions taper off. Unfortunately, the unreleased gas is building up inside Walter, and before long he is looking and acting like a blimp, soaring off over the trees as the helpless children look on. Walter floats for days over hills and rivers and skyscrapers and farms until finally he drifts into the middle of a million half frozen butterflies. The themes of Professor Kompressor are light-hearted and clever, and they are appealing not only to children but also to adults.

The story encourages children to think independently and be more creative in the classroom and at home. The book is a perfect read for children. The consequences faced by the Professor in his adventures will put a smile on the faces of readers.

Wat is nuut

The author has used an innovative and amusing way of writing the story. The twelve stories in the book are infectiously delightful and they take readers on an adventurous ride in each tale.

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All the stories are simple and written with a lot of creativity. The main characters, the Professor, caretaker and Maud, entertain readers to make it a memorable read. The concept is interesting and encouraging to readers and helps in developing a liking for science.