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  1. What Is Planned Ignoring ABA? Examples Of Extinction Behavior In Kids
  2. Why Haven’t They Done That Yet?

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What Is Planned Ignoring ABA? Examples Of Extinction Behavior In Kids

Try the Course for Free. Explore our Catalog Join for free and get personalized recommendations, updates and offers. Get Started. Before you try to correct a behavior with words, ask yourself the following questions:. Does the child already know what is expected?

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Will saying something result in an argument or power struggle? If the answer to either question is "yes", you can instead choose to either ignore the behavior completely or use gestural cues instead. Related Links.

Why Haven’t They Done That Yet?

Comments In the Classroom An example of how to use planned ignoring in the classroom. Tips Some more tips on implementing planned ignoring successfully.

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Planned Ignoring for Kids Sometimes attention for undesirable behaviors comes from other students The attention-getting behavior may have also been reinforced only every once in a while vs. In these situations, the effects of withholding attention may not be immediate, and may lead people to wrongly conclude that planned ignoring is not effective. Unfortunately, if the person with the problem behavior gets attention in this situation, a more intense problem behavior has been reinforced. But when safety is involved, this may be unavoidable.

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  5. In most cases, parents, teachers, and care providers will need to ignore problematic behavior that appears to be reinforced through social attention. They must be prepared to stick to the plan and realize that the behavior may get much worse before it gets better. Most importantly, they should understand that this learning process will be most successful if they combine positive reinforcement with planned ignoring.