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Newly widowed Lisa Donahue is a curator at the Boston Museum of Archaeology and History and things keep disappearing or are misplaced. When a staff member is murdered Lisa gets nosey-- not a healthy way to live. The technical information about studying a mummy and preparing it for exhibit were very interesting. No sex No graphic violence.

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Was an easy read, kept my interest but was only mildly suspenseful. I would definitely read more of her books if they are along the same lines of likable characters and informative storylines. Mystery in the Museum Murder and mystery. An interesting story, you can learn how behind the scenes, displays are created for museum patrons, but with murder thrown in it will keep you guessing. Jan 25, Susan rated it liked it. It got 3 stars based on the interesting stuff about archaeology and the sciences throughout.

I enjoyed that. Mystery was so-so and so was the writing.

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Oct 23, Glenn Harris rated it really liked it. First of of a series featuring museum curator and amateur sleuth Lisa Donahue. Well written with good characters and plot. Cheri Deaton rated it it was amazing Jan 28, Susan Queen rated it really liked it May 10, Pamela Priest rated it it was amazing Jun 18, Babs rated it really liked it Jul 25, Elisabeth rated it it was amazing Sep 25, Rachel Roberts-Galbraith rated it liked it Jun 17, Lenora rated it really liked it Dec 30, Jan McClintock rated it it was ok Jul 16, Charles R.

Midkiff Jr rated it liked it Feb 05, Suburbhater rated it really liked it May 10, Rebekah Russell rated it liked it Feb 13, Liz Hargnett rated it liked it May 14, Evonne rated it really liked it Jan 07, Stephanie Hochuli rated it really liked it Sep 24, Deborah M. Croker rated it it was amazing Jul 19, Casey Grist rated it it was amazing May 15, Drew rated it liked it Jun 17, Kristen rated it liked it Nov 18, Audra rated it really liked it Apr 14, Paul Franco rated it really liked it Jun 20, There are no discussion topics on this book yet.

About Sarah Wisseman.

Bound for Eternity

Sarah Wisseman. Sarah Wisseman a. She remembers being surrounded by books all her life, especially moldy old Penguin paperbacks Rex Stout, Dorothy Sayers, Ngaio Marsh, Josephine Tey that were fought over by her parents. Her mother was a weaver and avid reader, and her father, Thomas Underhill, was a lawyer who wrote mysteries and cros Sarah Wisseman a.

Bound for Eternity | Iambik

While trying to plan the next exhibit Lisa notices that some artefacts are not where they are supposed to be and even begins to suspect that some of the items might be forgeries. Are both incidents connected? She seemed to read without much fervour and intonation. I never had any problems in staying with the story and had a vivid picture of it in front of my mental eye. The only thing that was a bit annoying was the fact that sometimes the volume changed a bit. It was no big leap, just a small change that I noticed because it often happened within a sentence.

So I was favorably surprised when I soon began to really like the story. The solution of the mystery is not too obvious.

Material Culture, Variability, and Transmission

The characters were round and I liked the protagonist and her love interest. All in all I can really recommend this audiobook for mystery friends and everyone who has some interest in archeology. Jan 01, Cherei rated it it was amazing. Fantastic, quick read! The story sucks you in immediately.. The story is about a young widow who is raising her daughter.. She and another fellow are both competing for a the ONE full-time position that the museum will stay with them.. So, when the murders start.. She finds an ally in her best friend's current flame..

I love that the author is a real life archeologist! Sarah Wisseman introduces so many details about the inner workings and behind the scenes look at life within a museum.. But, leaving them preserved.. The characters and the story are very well developed! If you like a fast paced thriller.. An ancient mummified mystery gets wrapped up in a modern day tangle of death in this Boston crime fiction.

I enjoyed this book from the beginning. The mystery itself had me bouncing between 2 suspects until near the end. Once it became apparent to me as the reader who was the evil-doer, said person behaved within character in attempting yet another murder. As a sideline to the main conundrum, Lisa also has her romance life to figure out. James the Doctor enters the scene and he is everything a woman could want — successful, sensitive, a widower father, good with kids, and available.

If this story has a main character flaw, it is that James was without flaw, and hence, without character depth.

go here But I was able to overlook this as I wanted some tranquility for Lisa, who is stuck in a difficult job situation as a single parent and with the added pressure of having her coworkers knocked-off on a regular basis. Overall, this was an entertaining read. Priscilla Holbrook gave us accents from the East coast and did a believable job on male voices. If the audio had a flaw, it was with the variation in audio level; it was never enough so that I had to adjust my settings, but it occurred throughout the book.